Advanced MVC Engine

  • Nestable Controllers & Views
  • Intuitive ORM Data Layer
  • RESTful Data API
  • Theme Support


  • Open-Source
  • Simple Plugin Architecture
  • Central Plugin Repository

Plays Well With Others

  • Growl Support
  • Twitter Support
  • jQuery Integration
  • FireBug Logging
  • Lots More!

Works With Future Products

  • Payload, a web app deployment system.
  • Substrux, a CMS built on Bedrock.

0.2.1 Released

October 29th, 2010

A brief maintenance release for Alpha 2 is now available. This update fixes some bugs related to the installer.

View the changelog below (download here):

  • Bugs
    • Fixed bug with logger settings not being saved during installation.
    • Fixed bug where defining a custom namespace did not result in correctly generated source files and configuration settings.

PHP 5.3.2 - Off the assembly line!

March 4th, 2010

The second update to the latest (and greatest!) PHP release is now available. Looks like mostly bug fixes with a few minor improvements (including improved encryption support). Check out all the details here.


Snow Leopard <3 Web Developers

August 28th, 2009

Snow Leopard

After some digging, it appears that Snow Leopard (Apple’s latest OS X release) includes quite the refresh of web development stacks.

One update that is particularly exciting is the inclusion of PHP 5.3 which is fantastic for PHP developers as this release marks a major milestone in the progression of the language. It will be particularly useful for Bedrock developers using the OS as a development environment (wink wink). Just for fun, here’s a quick list of what versions are included:

  • Apache 2.2.11
  • Java 1.6.0_15
  • Perl 5.10.0
  • PHP 5.3
  • Python 2.6.1
  • Rails 2.2.2
  • Ruby 1.8.7
  • RubyGems 1.3.1
  • SQLite 3.6.12
  • Subversion 1.6.2

If you see anything missing, feel free to mention it in the comments. Also note the above list is for the desktop version of the OS. If anyone is already running the server version, I’d love to hear what else related to web development has been added/updated.

0.2.0 Released

July 2nd, 2009

Alpha 2 is now available for download. Quite a few additions and improvements have been made, so take a look! Some noteworthy additions are full Twitter API support, database data/structure importing and exporting with SQL, XML, YAML, and CSV, and multi-controller delegation.

View the changelog below (download here):

  • Bugs

    • Fixed bug where YAML indentation would not be consistent in the YAML data class. Nested arrays and other data types are now handled properly.
  • Improvements

    • PHP error reporting is now configurable through the main config file.
    • Controller delegation has been expanded to support multiple class hierarchies. For example, if the application doesn’t have a matching controller, it should look for a built-in Bedrock controller, etc.
    • Added CSV, XML, and YAML support to the model layer for importing and exporting data and structure.
    • Changed the current implementation of the logger to use “target” classes instead of “output streams.”
    • Added a common “Target” interface that can be implemented to add third-party support to the logger.
  • New Features

    • Added sample application files to framework files, including recommended directory structure.
    • Added initial version of the plugin API.
    • Added basic user authentication support with initial support for database-based authentication.
    • Added support for REST based services.
    • Added a Twitter service mapping all official Twitter API calls.

0.1.2 Released

May 7th, 2009

Hot out of the oven is the latest update to Alpha 1. Included with this release are a number of fixes for the installer, and brand new data formatting library.

For those of you that are into the nitty gritty, here’s the changelog (download here):

  • Bugs

    • Updated installer UI for improved compatibility with Internet Explorer.
    • Shortened the timezone dropdown in the installer so that it doesn’t overflow its container.
    • Fixed problem with installer navigation breaking after viewing step 4.
  • Improvements

    • Added automatic creation of base application classes and files during installation.
    • Added permissions check to installer validation process following user-specified directories (step 2).
  • New Features

    • Added a unified library for handling data formats (to replace other classes and reduce redundancy). Includes support for CSV, JSON, and YAML.

New Installer Available

April 16th, 2009

To help simplify the process of setting up a Bedrock application, we’ve added a nifty little installer app to help you get things set up. Currently it handles all the basics, including system requirement checks, directory settings, database settings, and a few other miscellaneous configuration options.

Rather than waiting until Alpha 2, I thought it might be nice to release it right away. To get it, grab the latest release and navigate your browser to the public root of the application once you extract the files.

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Error state follows:

  • stat: fail
  • code: 95
  • message: SSL is required

If you run into any problems, or find the installer not working as expected, drop by the forums and let us know!

Bedrock Uncovered!

April 1st, 2009

Today marks Bedrock Framework’s first publicly available preview! This pre-release version includes all of the framework’s core functionality, and a few extra bells and whistles to keep things interesting.

Because this is a pre-release alpha, it is not recommended for use in production environments. That being said, I think you will be happy with what is already available:

  • Bedrock Core
    • Nestable Controller Objects
    • ORM Database Engine
    • Theme-able View Objects
    • Stack-Aware Logging
  • Additional Features
    • Growl Support
    • FireBug Support
    • REST Data API
    • Form Building/Validation Tools

So stop reading my boring post and go check it out! Feel free to drop us a line if you find any bugs/problems, or if you would like to get involved with the project. Documentation is still a work in progress, so ask in the forums if you can’t find the details you need.

Download: Bedrock Framework 0.1.0 Alpha 1