0.2.0 Released

July 2nd, 2009

Alpha 2 is now available for download. Quite a few additions and improvements have been made, so take a look! Some noteworthy additions are full Twitter API support, database data/structure importing and exporting with SQL, XML, YAML, and CSV, and multi-controller delegation.

View the changelog below (download here):

  • Bugs

    • Fixed bug where YAML indentation would not be consistent in the YAML data class. Nested arrays and other data types are now handled properly.
  • Improvements

    • PHP error reporting is now configurable through the main config file.
    • Controller delegation has been expanded to support multiple class hierarchies. For example, if the application doesn’t have a matching controller, it should look for a built-in Bedrock controller, etc.
    • Added CSV, XML, and YAML support to the model layer for importing and exporting data and structure.
    • Changed the current implementation of the logger to use “target” classes instead of “output streams.”
    • Added a common “Target” interface that can be implemented to add third-party support to the logger.
  • New Features

    • Added sample application files to framework files, including recommended directory structure.
    • Added initial version of the plugin API.
    • Added basic user authentication support with initial support for database-based authentication.
    • Added support for REST based services.
    • Added a Twitter service mapping all official Twitter API calls.